San Juan County EMTs test new prehospital blood monitors

Submitted by San Juan County

EMS Agencies in San Juan County have been selected as one of three sites nationwide selected for a new study evaluating the effectiveness of measuring prehospital hemoglobin and lactate.

The meters, provided free of charge by Nova Biomedical, will allow EMTs and Paramedics to better determine if a patient is losing blood or is experiencing some types of shock.

“These meters have the potential to drastically improve our diagnostic capabilities,” said San Juan County EMS Medical Program Director Dr. Joshua Corsa. “This can provide for earlier recognition and treatment of life-threatening septic shock or blood loss while still in the ambulance or the aircraft.”

The study will continue throughout 2023 and participation is voluntary and at no cost. EMTs will ask for a patient’s permission prior to the test. All information collected will be anonymous and consist of the lab values, vital signs and nature of the illness or injury.

“San Juan County has the best EMTs and Paramedics in the country,” Corsa said. “Because of their skill we can trial new devices, expand our services, and share our results with other EMS agencies around the world. This is one of three studies currently being conducted in our county, all designed to improve the care we provide to residents and visitors.”