Lopez Island Learn and Burn Workshop

Submitted by the San Juan Islands Conservation District.

The San Juan Islands Conservation District and the Lopez Fire District is pleased to announce an

upcoming Learn and Burn event focused on methods and theory for landscape fire in the San Juan

archipelago. The workshop will be held from 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM on Friday, May 19 th on Lopez Island,

and will focus on forest restoration techniques such as reducing excess fuels, different applications and

rationale for landscape fire such as broadcast burns and conservation burns, and strategies for

establishing native species post-burn. The event will also provide a historical context for fire ecology in

the islands, citing several regional dendrochronology studies, and provide a summary of research into

the role fire has played in forest soil fertility and resiliency. The workshop will integrate these

presentations with demonstrations of several forest restoration techniques – tree thinning and

conservation burns – from members of the Islands Conservation Corps who actively manage at-risk

forest ecosystems on public lands in the archipelago. To register please fill out the online form at: