Lopez Fire and EMS March 2008 activity report

  • Fri Apr 25th, 2008 9:03pm
  • News

Lopez Island Fire and EMS had a total of two fire calls and 13 EMS calls in March.

Fire Calls

Firefighters responded to one burn investigation and one false alarm. They provided one-half man-hours with a total of three firefighters responding to these two calls.

EMS Calls

EMS responded to eight island residents for assistance. On average, five EMS providers responded to each call. Based on the paramedic’s assessment of all the calls, seven required advanced life support (paramedic skills) and three required basic life support (EMT skills). These EMS calls accounted for 75 EMS man-hours with a total of 65 members responding in March.

Fire & EMS Training

The Fire Division had two regular drills with 13/13 volunteer firefighters in attendance per drill. The Suppression Division training included positive pressure attack taught by Lt. Monte Midkiff and pumps and water supply taught by Lt. Stuart Post. Firefighters devoted 156 man-hours to regular training in March.

The EMS Division had two regular drills with 10/8 EMTS and 4/3 student aid unit members in attendance. The EMS Division training included OB/GYN taught by Lt. Terry Marshall and Lt. Richard Carter teaching patient care and handling. EMS personnel devoted 150 man-hours to training in March.

New Fire Chief announcement

The Fire Commissioners, Jim Lett, Becky Smith, and Kim Smith, announced their decision for the new Fire Chief at the April 10, 2008 Fire Commissioners’ meeting. Jim Ghiglione will be joining the department as Fire Chief sometime in June or the beginning of July. He and his wife Sherry Brummel are long-time residents of Shelton, WA. He is currently the Fire Chief for the Shelton Fire Department and has worked for the City of Shelton for 27 years. He and his family have visited Lopez Island many times, so this was a great opportunity to work in a setting he has enjoyed. He plans to come to Lopez Island a couple of times a month before his start date, to become acquainted with the department and its members. Welcome aboard Jim!

Note: Burn permits will expire on June 30.