Local volunteers install garden beds at Westview Apartments

  • Fri Apr 25th, 2008 9:03pm
  • News
L-R: David Heinlein

L-R: David Heinlein

Lopez Community Land Trust helped a group of gardeners at Westview Apartments build a spot for their plants to flourish.

Several women in the apartment complex on Lopez North Rd. formed a garden club, but had no place to grow their flowers and vegetables.

They contacted Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT) for help, and the organization agreed to assist them through its Sustainable Agriculture Rural Development program, which has two components: energy and agriculture. LCLT received a $300 grant from the Lopez Thrift Shop for the project. The materials totaled $400 and LCLT paid the difference.

Todd Goldsmith headed up the construction, designing the plans, purchasing lumber, and donating soil from his T & D Farms. He was assisted by Davey Bar-Shamon (an LCLT intern), Dave and Beckie Heinlein, Oy Sangarasria, and David Zapalac. All their time was donated.

“We had a lot of fun doing it. These gals have hundreds of plants under their grow lights and they are ready to plant them. They are raised beds, so the older folks don’t have to get on their knees. They’re pretty excited about it. We also built them a deer fence,” said Goldsmith.