Energy Transfiguration Sphere Reviews (Individualogist) Is It Legit?

The Energy Transfiguration Sphere is a pendant that provides users with the metaphysical and psychic properties of an exclusive type of obsidian stone. The Sphere is created with multiple polishing sessions after being cut into smaller portions with a diamond saw.

What is the Energy Transfiguration Sphere?

Negative energy is a heavy feeling in any room, and it can follow someone around for as long as they let it. This negativity can originate from many places, even within a family. While some think of this damaging vibration as a curse, that doesn’t have to be the case. Even with the dire circumstances that the world is currently going through, the creators behind the Energy Transfiguration Sphere believe that they have an option.

The Energy Transfiguration Sphere aims to support users as they protect their metaphysical selves from this negative energy. However, it isn’t solely meant to eradicate the negative energy because that would only leave a vacancy to be filled. Instead, they transform the energy into wealth, abundance, and other forms of positivity. Healing through this energy transfiguration can be difficult without the proper support, which is why the Sphere is so important to consumers.

There is no bad luck or loneliness with the proper counterattack. Changing bad luck into good fortune is the key to this obsidian Sphere and living the life consumers want to manifest for themselves.

How is the Energy Transfiguration Sphere Made?

The Energy Transfiguration Sphere is so powerful because of the way it is made. The creators explain that its origins start with a golden obsidian slab, a rare find at an auction. Obsidian is notoriously challenging to work with, so the creators have to use a saw made of diamond to cut it into smaller pieces.

The smaller pieces are ground and sanded until it reaches the spherical shape that consumers want. However, that’s not the end. Hand-polishing refines the appearance, using up to 3000-grit sandpaper. Ultimately, the final polish requires a compound made of aluminum oxide to refine the shine, which is massaged into the surface with a lapidary polishing cloth.

To complete the Sphere, the creators fasten a string to the Sphere.

Benefits individuals Gain with an Energy Transfiguration Sphere

  • Vibrational and energy blockages and traumas disappear
  • An energetic barrier against psychic attacks
  • Dissolves negative energies the Sphere comes into contact with and “changes it” into emission of purer, more positive energy.
  • Protects against negative energy
  • Encourages growth and highlights truths

Buying the Energy Transfiguration Sphere

The only way to purchase the hand-crafted Energy Transfiguration Sphere is through the official website, which currently offers it for $29.90.

If the user finds that they don’t enjoy the benefits they hoped for from the Energy Transfiguration Sphere, they can get a refund within 60 days with the money-back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Energy Transfiguration Sphere

Q. What is the Energy Transfiguration Sphere?

A. This object is a sphere made of Golden Obsidian, sometimes referred to as Rainbow Obsidian. It has all of the natural properties of obsidian, including protection from psychic attacks. Part of the reason this material is so special is the presence of magnetite nanoparticles, allowing it to turn negative energy or vibration into positive energy.

Q. How do users get the benefits of the Energy Transfiguration Sphere?

A. The creators advise wearing the Sphere around the user’s neck to get the benefits of the positive energy. Some users report feeling this protection vibrationally.

Q. Where can the Energy Transfiguration Sphere be shipped?

A. Some countries, including India, Thailand, and South Africa, cannot receive this shipment. However, the brand can ship to most other countries around the world.

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. Customers will not have to pay shipping costs to receive their Energy Transfiguration Sphere. However, they will have to pay any local taxes associated with it.

Q. How long do consumers wait to receive their Energy Transfiguration Sphere?

A. The shipping address will determine how long users wait to receive the product. On average, the shipping time ranges from 7-21 days. Users will receive a tracking number to track the location of their Energy Sphere.

Q. What if the customer no longer wants their Energy Transfiguration Sphere?

A. If the user changes their mind, they can get a refund within the first 60 days after purchase with the money-back guarantee.

The customer service team can be reached by filling out the form at:

  • Email: https://individualogist.com/contact
  • Product Support: contact@individualogist.com.
  • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/

Consumers might have to wait up to 2 working days for a response.


The Energy Transfiguration Sphere provides individuals with an exclusive obsidian gemstone, rich with all the metaphysical properties expected from this stone. The Sphere doesn’t require special knowledge, but it can ward off the influences that bring bad luck and low vibrations. The transition from a toxic life to a thriving one is difficult, but the creators allege that the Energy Transfiguration Sphere could hold the secret to achieving it.

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