Artists share thoughts on eating local via Zoom

Submitted by Nikyta Palmisani.

This coming Friday July 22 (4-5 p.m., free) Nikyta Palmisani, Juniper Blomberg, Anya Gleizer and Pablo Fernández Velasco will present at the Alchemy Arts Center on San Juan Island and on Zoom. The upcoming presentation is the result of their ongoing collaboration, in which they employ creative approaches to explore the ways in which coming to terms with existing ecological boundaries can both reveal and transform one’s sense of a place.

Nikyta and Juniper are local Lopez artists. Anya is an artist and researcher at Oxford University, and Pablo is a researcher at Trinity College Dublin. Anya and Pablo are doing a residency in Lopez Island, culminating in the upcoming presentation. Integral to their common project is a focus on local food and the boundaries one encounters in the effort of eating locally and therefore limit the use of non-local resources. The act of procuring, preparing, cooking and eating food (an art ritual in itself) has deep parallels with the act of making art – it reflects how our bodies and spirits are nourished, and also where this nourishment originates from. Thus tracing the flow of energy from sun to farm to pallet to painting reveals the flow of energy and the invisible networks that support our being in place, that ARE the place itself. Our embodied interactions with each step of mindful local eating are a constant interrogation of origins.

The artists will come together physically and virtually to share art, writing, psychogeographic maps, photographs, and reflections on what local eating means in a globalised world and how we can aspire to live within local and planetary boundaries. This artist talk will also be broadcast over zoom and recorded. For Zoom link, please go to