Winter Arts Night at LCCA

  • Mon Jan 25th, 2010 11:09pm
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Winter Arts Night at LCCA

From left: Dalton Taylor, Vinny Kramer, John Patrick Nopson, John McMacken.

On Wednesday, Jan 27. Lopez Secondary School will have its annual Winter Arts Night at the Community Center. Richard Carter who coordinated the event in the place of Ann Marie Fisher (on leave of absence), says the event will be a little different this year. “The Winter Arts Night does not always have drama in it” he explains. The featured dramatic preformacnes are the fruits of the school’s theatre classes. The first class ‘Introduction To Stagecraft’, was initiated in fall 2009. It was “entirely filled with 6th grade boys” explains Carter. Carter, co-founder and director of the Island’s Community Shakespeare is accustomed to working with youth who have little or no theatre experience. He therefore cites the experience of working with such energetic subject as “challenging, enlightening and fun”. They will present original plays and scenery done by the students.

The additional, more advanced theater class “Acting Fundamentals class”, will also perform memorized monologues and short scenes, including some original student writing. This class was an oppertunity to explore more advanced avenues of acting including breathing and and technique.

Carter is careful to note the key postion photograpjy teacher Greg Ewert had in helping with the scenery construction. Photography and art student will also be exhibiting their work and rounding out the evening, the High School Band members will present a variety of numbers performed by two different groups of musicians. “It will be a lot of fun” Carter says, “a fun evening, not a long evening, and I hope everyone will come see the students hard work”.

Donations are welcome to help cover the cost of renting the hall.

Performances begin at 7.30p.m. The Community Center will be open at 7p.m.