Poignant retrospective for local artist Williams

  • Mon Jan 25th, 2010 11:08pm
  • Life
Poignant retrospective for local artist Williams

Photo left: Portrait of Christy Williams hangs in the exhibition. Photo above: A display of Williams’ work at the LCCA.

On Friday, the Lopez Artist Guild opened their show at the Lopez Center. The show presented the work of 13 local artists including that of Christy Williams. Williams, a local artist, passed away last december. The show therefore, was done in part as a retrospective and celebration of Williams work. “We dedicated the show to Christy” says the Guild’s informal coordinator Richard Singer. “She was really giving” he added, “very popular. Quiet, but loved”. Singer concluded the artist would be much missed. The exhibition gives an idea of what Singer describes as William’s great ‘innovation” in art. A mixed medium artist, Williams used a variety of different materials including stiffened paper to create original sculptures, “we hadn’t ever seen anything like it before”. Singer commented that although the retrospective aspect to the show cast a poignant air over the opening, the event went well. “In the Lopez way we had good food, drinks, there was a good crowd and people elbow to elbow”. People enjoyed the opportunity to see the work of Williams as she did not show that often. The collection exhibited was on lone from the family and from personal collections. “It was nice to be able to honor her name” Singer concludes.

The rest of the pieces were a blend of newcomers and established local names. Known artist Christa Malay was displayed next to the pastels of new artist Rodman Duncan. Duncan, who only started experimenting with arts materials on a recent trip to Croatia was very well received. “He was surprised by someone wanting to buy one of his pieces,” says Singer. “That should spur him along on his arts career.” The exhibition runs until February 23.