Soprano Sharon Abreu returns to Lopez

  • Fri May 14th, 2010 11:15pm
  • Life
Left: Sharon Abreu

Left: Sharon Abreu

On May 23, soprano Sharon Abreu will perform on Lopez accompanied by pianist Marianne Lewis. The program will include opera arias by Mozart, Puccini, Handle and Dvorak, songs with music by Barber and Copland and poetry by Emily Dickinson and W.B. Yeats.

The performance will be an opportunity for both amusement and education. “Audiences can expect to have fun but also gain a deeper understanding of this music. It’s not music that is immediately accessible to everyone. I talk a little about each song before, so the audience have something to hang onto as they listen,” explains Abreu.

The soprano cites these pieces as the music she most likes to sing. The setting of poems to music, for example Dickinson sung to music by Copland, adds an extra dimension to the poetry.

“When you take works and set them to music you heighten the emotional impact of the words and it allows you to absorb an energy through the music. I think thats why songs are so popular, from hymns to television commercials.”

Abreu sung opera in New York, studying under Bill Jones of the New York City Opera, and Metropolitan Opera soprano Licia Albanese. She has performed on Lopez previously, and speaks highly of the Lopez Center venue. “I love visiting lopez. I really like the center, it’s not exactly an intimate space. but it leans in that direction, it allows a nice sized audience but you are still able to connect with them.”

The concert begins at 4 p.m. and tickets are $12, $8 for youth. They are available at Blossom, Islandale/Southender, Islehaven, Paper Scissors, Lopez Center or