Anyone for performing arts?

  • Fri May 14th, 2010 11:16pm
  • Life
Ginni Keith plays her trumpet outside her practice space on Lopez Island.

Ginni Keith plays her trumpet outside her practice space on Lopez Island.

Lopez musician Ginni Keith has an idea, and she needs your input.

For almost a decade the Lopezian musician has been traveling to Orcas to participate in their performance group. The group meet once every second month and is a musical performance forum for all ages and skills. Now, Keith is asking, “why go all the way to Orcas, when we could have a performance group here?”

Keith’s idea has been stewing for a couple of years and she says the time has come to “toss the idea out there and see if there is any interest.”

The vision is to have monthly concerts held in the Port Stanley School, a property owned by the Lopez Historical Society. Keith has had initial talks with Mark Thompson-Klein, executive director of the lopez Museum, about the possibility of using the venue, and has so far had positive feed back. Keith was tentatively thinking about “The Port Stanley Performing Arts” as a name for the gathering.

The event would be open to all ages and levels of musical competence. The music group would exist so “people who are practicing have a place to perform and allow others to appreciate the work they are doing. To provide inspiration for practise.”

Achieving a sense of accomplishment is one facet, but another is to have fun, and to celebrate music in the community. “I would want everyone to join in for the joy of playing for each other.”

Although Keith’s ideas are creative and numerous (perhaps we could even incorperate the visual arts into the event,” she adds) they are still lodged in the planning stage. What needs to happen now is for a group to gather and discuss logistics. ‘‘I need some volunteers to help organise the nuts and bolts. We need a mailing list, a contact list,” Keith says. “Anyone can help, I really think this is a fun idea.”

Keith estimates that with about six people, the organization could be achieved and the ground laid for another successful Lopez tradition. To share ideas, contact Keith on 468-4422