Orcas A Cappella comes to Lopez, Saturday, May 21, 5 p.m. at Grace Church

  • Tue May 17th, 2011 12:52am
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Orcas A Cappella

Orcas A Cappella


Orcas A Cappella, the only local vocal group that has members from San Juan, Lopez, Shaw and Orcas Island, comes to Lopez, Saturday, May 21, 5 p.m. at Grace Church.


“Orcas A Cappella is more than a vibrant vocal ensemble and interpreter of beautiful music,” says Orcas A Cappella soprano, Beverly Leyman. “It has other definitions that include philanthropy, Songshare and touring in Europe.”


Last month, Orcas A Cappella fund-raised for survivors of the earthquake in Sendai, Japan.  The group also helped raise funds for the Lopez Children’s Center and the Lopez Food Bank.


Orcas A Cappella has hosted two world renowned conductors, Richard Marlow, conductor of the Choir of Trinity College of Cambridge, England and Damien Mocnik, composer and conductor from Slovenia.  The concerts at the end of week-long guest conductor’s residencies are called SongShare.


The Orcas choir was chosen, by audition, to attend two Europa cantats, which are meetings of more than 3000 singers from around the globe, who study music together and perform for each other in concert.


You can watch Angel Michaels, the group’s new director, in action at the Orcas A Cappella Lopez performance. Donations are accepted.