One Year of WORD! Writers’ Open Mic

Submitted by the Lopez Library.

The Lopez Library is so grateful that Shari Lane began the Writers Open Mic one year ago this May.

When Shari moved to Lopez in November 2020, she missed a supportive group of folks who came together to hold each other up in the writer’s process. When asked why she decided to start the group, Shari said that writing can be lonely, scary, and frustrating, but a writers’ group reminds you that your writing is a gift to the community. She asked Library staff if there was already a group for sharing writing, they said not yet and YES PLEASE to starting the group! This was all the confidence she needed to launch the first meeting. It started with 3 people, then came 5, and after 6 months ago there were 19! And now folks bring their friends and family to be part of the listening audience and sometimes it’s a packed house. Come join her every first Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm, and join us for this special celebration on Thursday, May 4 around the fireside. Light refreshments and cake to follow the Writer’s Open Mic performances.