Coming Soon: The Master Gardeners Sprint Plant Sale!

Submitted by Master Gardeners.

Healthy herbs, tomato and pepper starts, and locally grown perennials need new homes! Saturday, May 13 at the Fire Station in East Sound, 10 a.m. to noon.

Perennials include both natives and non-natives adapted to many different garden environments, including groundcovers, flowers, ornamental grasses and small shrubs all grown by Master Gardeners. Because they’ve done well in our gardens they’ll likely do well in yours!

We’re offering tomato and pepper starts this year, several types of basil and many herbs, including oregano, marjoram, sage, parsley and more. Our tomato “taste off” winners, USA Slow Food “Ark of Taste” heirlooms, and varieties not available elsewhere. All were selected for outstanding flavor and performance in our cooler island climate. And everyone’s favorite, cherry tomatoes! If you’re new to gardening or are gardening in small spaces or containers, cherry tomatoes are for you. Easy to grow and reliably ripening early, with lots of sun, regular water and a little fertilizer you’ll be well rewarded.

All proceeds from the sale are used to support San Juan County Master Gardener programs such as the Elementary School Garden and this sale. Funds also support plant Diagnostic Clinics on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Island.

Please come early for best selections. Happy Gardening!