KLOI Archiving Shows to Website to Make Listening Easier

KLOI contributors Richard Fagen and Carol Steckler in the studio of KLOI.

KLOI contributors Richard Fagen and Carol Steckler in the studio of KLOI.

KLOI Radio has begun archiving its local programming to its website at kloi.org. Now listeners can hear a favorite show on their computers whenever it’s convenient for them or they can download programs onto iPods and listen while out and about.

“We know people aren’t always able to be glued to their radios,” says Carol Steckler, KLOI chair. “So we decided to archive some of our terrific local shows so they can be heard in these new ways. We expect listenership and interaction on our web site will both increase. Just go to our website and click on archived programs.”

Shows archived so far include: Once Upon an Island, hosted by Alie Smaalders and Lorrie Harrison; This Strange and Wonderful World with Richard Fagen telling stories about his adventure expeditions around the world; Lopez Writers Read, hosted by Lorna Reese; and Master Man, a student production of a Nigerian folktale produced by the Lopez elementary school. Future shows to be archived include Colors of the San Juans, hosted by Audrey Bordvick.

“Each show takes about an hour to archive so we’re grateful to our archiving committee for the extra time they devote to this project,” says Steckler. Members are Ken Booth, Kathy Booth, Ron Metcalf, Lou Pray, Lorna Reese and John Waugh. Each of them is responsible for archiving specific shows.

Once Upon an Island is an enchanting hour of storytelling with Islanders young and old. Smaalders and Anderson visit with local characters, old-timers, philosophers and others who drop by to share personal tales of this place we all call home.

Lopez Writers Read features interviews with local writers about their work and their process. The first two programs of this new monthly show are on the website now: Iris Graville talking about Hands at Work and Julie Van Camp on Searching for Ichabod.

Fagen’s This Strange and Wonderful World is loosely based on his travels to locations as diverse as Antartica, the South Pacific and the Mediterranean and features stories which excite, inspire, inform and amuse. The twice-monthly show celebrates the diversity of cultures and peoples who populate the far corners of Mother Earth.

“We’re excited about reaching more listeners this way,” says Kathy Booth of KLOI Technical Committee. “Now your mother in Florida or sister in Iowa or ex-boyfriend in New York will be able to listen to your show whenever they want to. KLOI’s reach now is unbounded.”