Costumed Benefit Dance

Lopez is famed for its population’s deep commitment to community involvement, and we are also known for our diverse talents and our ability to create something positive out of a difficult situation. Once again the vibrant community spirit which has helped and inspired so many people on this little rock is calling us to celebrate life, and in the process help our struggling neighbors. This past summer Warren Hero was diagnosed with cancer and hepatitis and has been incurring large medical bills ever since. Warren is doing much better now, but due to the outrageous cost of healthcare these days his bills could create another kind of demise. That is why on Friday, Oct. 30 our own 10 piece Caribbean band, Tiempo del Lopez, will host a costumed benefit dance at the Lopez Community Center to help Warren defray these large uninsured medical expenses and to enable all ages of our precious community to dance, enjoy themselves, and nourish our community spirit. The Psychedelic Bullfrogs, a 4-person ‘rock’ band will open the show around 8 p.m. This event will also include a silent auction full of bargains for the cause, as well as food and drink. Admission by donation (suggested $10.00) but all are welcome. In addition, we would like to honor and help the family of our departed friend Georgie Muska with this opportunity to dance and enjoy each other’s company. If you would like to help, or for more info, please contact Hawk Arps at 468-3163.