Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

  • Sat Feb 13th, 2010 12:41am
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Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

Just this weekend I completed the last of the “Twilight” series, “Breaking Dawn”. Being a mother of grown children, you would think I would be so past this genre for my reading picks. Instead I did find the books a bit addicting and pushed on through the couple of thousand of pages or so. Stephanie Meyer is quite the plotter, knowing just how to grab her readers at the right time.

“Breaking Dawn” is the climax to the romance between the vampire hunk Edward and the misfit, northwest newcomer Bella. At last Edward wins her over to matrimony, despite her misgivings about marriage, having come from a broken family. Their honeymoon is cut short by a problem arising with the hazards of vampire/mortal marriage and of course the rest of the book revolves around what happened next.

I actually found it tiresome going through Bella coming into her own. She often has little confidence in herself and is amazed to find that she has unique abilities. I guess this really speaks to us all, we don’t really appreciate how special each of us are.

These books do address the awkwardness of being a teenager and the passage of time. When you are young, your whole life in front of you can be confusing and seem a long way off. Hard to tell anyone how fast it really goes. But really, who wants to live forever? And all in all, I wonder how many readers think she should have picked the werwolf, Jacob, instead. I just could not get past the appeal of a “cold as marble” boyfriend.

Looking back, I would have enjoyed these books as a young girl.