Back and Gayer Than Before at Vita’s Friday, May 27th

Submitted by Derek Eisel.

Lopez Farmer and musician Derek Eisel and Tacoma’s Sweetheart Bobbi Jo Blessings return to Vita’s with Pablo Paz on bass for an evening of gay songs, sad songs, poems, mature themes and immature themes. It’s a great excuse for ringing in June, also known as Pride Month. Eisel and Paz released a live album last year from the Lopez Uncovered Music Festival and have played out in Seattle and on Lopez the last few years. Bobbi Jo has been brushing up on her piano skills and adding new, original songs to her repertoire.

The show starts at 5:30 and is in two acts with Paz playing an intermission set also. You can find Eisel’s music on Spotify and other streaming platforms and also buy his veggies and eggs at the Lopez Island Farmer’s Market starting this Saturday and weekly on the San Juan Islands Food Hub. The poster features art from Jon Aiken, the Field Boat’s Chris Aiken’s brother, with an illustration from Seattle comic artist Sarah Romano Diehl who is illustrating Eisel’s poem What Kind of Man for a book and recording (by Paz) to be released this summer with Eisel’s original song Secret Beach. Diehl will be in attendance at the show and bringing some of her signed books and artwork for sale.

We’ve all had some rough times over the last two years, but here’s to hoping for gayer times than before! Eisel and Paz will return to Vita’s on Tuesday, July 15.