You’re vaccinated, so what? | Letter

Recently, a neighbor did me a favor by watering some plants while I was away. I wanted to reciprocate by inviting him to dinner. The topic of vaccination came up and he said, “I’m not vaccinated. I have a good immune system. I take a probiotic every day.” An awkward silence ensued and our continuing friendship is questionable. Now, I’m fully vaccinated but in a quandary, over how to interact with good people I’ve known for years who are either misinformed or ignorant about COVID and not vaccinated. My knee-jerk reaction is to tell them the stories my two daughters, who are hospital nurses, and my niece who is an Emergency Room doctor tell me; but then I remember the saying, “The man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” I have to believe anyone not vaccinated, at this point, has strong beliefs and admitting they were wrong is a bitter pill to swallow. I’d certainly hate to see my friends, or their children, get this monster but I don’t know how to help them, and I certainly don’t want to be near them. Maybe some readers out there have ideas. In the meantime, I’m masking up and waving at a distance.

Mike Buettell

San juan Island