Wrong focus on School Bond | Letter

The huge amount of bond money proposed for our school is incorrectly focused on structure and facilities. Sure, I agree we need safety, correct, reliable plumbing and heating, excellent kitchen facilities, an enclosed play area for elementary students, and comfortable rooms for students to concentrate. Water catchment and physical fitness are important. Yes, school buses and the parent parking area need more space. In this whole proposal however, a critical item is missing: HOW CHILDREN LEARN.

Children (and adults) learn from teachers who make subjects interesting and encourage students to think, create, and yes, even fail. This is particularly true with a required subject that a student fears or loathes. My parents were public school teachers for 25 years. My brother continues as special education teacher. I understand that profession, and also remember being a student trying to learn.

I believe children and young adults do NOT need state-of-the art architecture or equipment to learn well. Loving support and guidance for a student does way more than the ornamental items noted for the school bond this April 23. Instead of a fitness-room change, we could have an agreement with our new village fitness center. That would support a new business, not create a huge debt. Exterior lighting is already very bright; only a few dark corners need help at less cost–even if motion-activated.

We already have new taxes with Lopez Solid Waste. That is a good thing.  But OPALCO is pushing us to subscribe to their broadband program, even more costly than the school bond. We home owners are being pressed too much.

We need a different plan–frugal, helpful. Also, in the near future we will probably be handed a school levy for salaries and administrative costs–none of those were addressed in this unreasonable bond. I voted NO on the April 23 bond. I hope you do too.

Lois Ludwig

Lopez Island