Support for bond | Letter

Like many others, we have retired to Lopez Island and live here not only for its beauty, but, especially, for the sense of community we find here.

This extraordinary community has built great things:  the medical center, the Children’s Center, the Community Center, affordable housing, and now, “the dump,”– to name a very few.  In every example there were questions and challenges:  “Do we really need it?” and  “How can we afford it?”

We have asked the same questions regarding the current School Bond issue.

Over past years, our school has made remarkable progress in improving, expanding, and upgrading curriculum and programs. Our school has become a matter of pride for our community; as important to us as any of our remarkable community-built assets.

However, we are convinced that major problems exist with our very old school buildings, ranging from plumbing, heating, and fire suppression issues to inadequate classroom facilities and other significant issues related to safety, security, and learning environments.  In our view, these require action, and the sooner the better.  We owe it to our kids and to ourselves to update and up grade our deteriorated and out-of-date school facilities

There are reasons why this may not be the best time to propose a major bond issue, but, especially considering building costs and interest rates, there are reasons why it is.  One thing is certain: putting off repairs and upgrading will cost far more later than if done now.  For that reason, and for the clear need, we intend to vote for the School Bond and urge others to do so, too.

In short, we vote “yes” because of our pride in our community, knowing when a good deal is a good deal, and knowing that we will be helping future generations to enjoy qualities of life that are important to us.

Please join us in supporting the Lopez School Bond.

John and Carol Whetten

Lopez Island