Vote no on the charter amendments | Letter to the Editor

The County Charter Review Commission has gone above and beyond the mandates given it in the County Charter. Here is what one of the former county commissioners, former county assessor, and a former school board member had to say about the county charter: “During the many meetings in the first few weeks the CRC commissioners interviewed elected, nonelected and department heads that make up San Juan County government. It was evident that there were no current or potential structural or procedural problems that were identified for the CRC to review, study, and recommend propositions to improve the way San Juan County officials and staff can better serve the inhabitants.”

So what did the chair of the committee do? Push to radicalize the county government. No longer satisfied to have a well-working county government, disgraced former legislator Kevin Ranker pushed to make our county government highly politicized. The problem with that, no matter what your political leaning, is that eventually, the government will lean the other way when it gets politicized. Check out what the people who love the county government as-is have to say at and vote NO to politicizing our county. Vote NO on the Charter Amendments.

Cindy Carter