Influenza vaccine clinics

Submitted by San Juan County.

Between Oct. 20 and Nov. 12, the county is offering flu clinics to will help ensure as many islanders as possible get their flu vaccine this winter. For full schedule and to register, go to:

In addition to these county-run clinics, a number of local medical providers and pharmacies are also offering both flu and COVID immunizations. You may contact one of these providers to make an appointment for one or both vaccines. If you need contact information for a local vaccine provider, please reach out to the Health Department by calling 360-378-4474.

Q: Do I need to give myself any time between getting a flu shot and a COVID shot?

A: No, the two vaccines operate independently of each other and could even be taken on the same day if you chose to do so.

Q: Why is getting a flu shot important?

A: Every winter influenza is responsible for hospitalizing hundreds of thousands of Americans and killing tens of thousands. The impacts of COVID are far more severe than an average flu season, but flu is still a significant health risk—especially for those who are older. While no vaccine is 100% effective, the flu shot helps protect those vaccinated from severe illness due to the flu. In addition, as COVID continues to impact access to healthcare, it makes even more sense to do all we can to limit our chances of ending up in the hospital.

Q: Should kids get the flu vaccine?

A: Yes, CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get a seasonal flu vaccine each year. San Juan County is offering pediatric clinics at the schools on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez that are designed specifically to support families with children ages 5 and older. Children younger than 5 should get a flu vaccine for their child through their medical provider.

Q: I’m older than 65, will you offer the stronger vaccine just for older people?

A: Yes, some high-dose vaccines will be available for those age 65 and older.