Vote for yes for SJC Public Hospital District 2- Proposition 1 | Letter

I support Proposition 1 for the Lopez Island Clinic. In the past two months, I have had to seek the care of health professionals and on both occasions, I had a positive experience at the Lopez Clinic. I am grateful to have access to medical care on island since

I am working full time and going off island would cause me to miss a whole day of wages. On a recent visit to the Lopez clinic, I was able to get my arm x-rayed for a possible break and was in and out of the clinic in under an hour. Good news – no break, just deeply bruised. The next visit a couple of days ago was for a sinus infection. Again, I received immediate care, and all the clinic personnel were professional and kind. I was relieved that I could get my medical issue taken care of without going off island and receive medication from the Lopez Pharmacy, without a long wait!

During the first year of COVID the Lopez population increased by one third and at the same time housing costs, fuel prices, electricity costs, cost of supplies and so on went up astronomically. There have been growing problems for the clinic to meet the needs of the rising population of people on island who need medical services, while at the same time struggling to find housing for staff and deal with rising costs and inflation. I acknowledge that there has been some frustration for people with getting appointments at Lopez Clinic, but this is not solely a local problem. When I have gone off island for specialty medical appointments the wait time is often months. I have found that when I have something serious, the Lopez clinic staff finds a way to get me seen by a professional within a timely manner.

In 2022, I was recommended physical therapy for a knee issue, and was able to receive care here on island. I can report that the knee is better thanks to the professionals at Lopez Physical Therapy. I never could have justified losing a day of work for a one-hour appointment and would not have done the therapy without the local services. Lopez Physical Therapy receives support from the hospital district in order for the business to operate and serve the many people in our community.

My mom used to say, “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” There is always room for improvement in any organization but the way to address making the Clinic even better than it is, will be to support proposition 1 and provide the funding needed for the Clinic to function well. At the same time, we can engage and support the public hospital district commissioners so they can do their best job.

My appreciation and gratitude go to the Lopez clinic staff (past and present) for serving my medical needs for the 34 years. There are more services today than when I first came to Lopez and the staff is better equipped to handle a variety of issues than ever before. Please vote yes for Proposition 1 and support our local clinic.

Liz Scranton

Lopez Island