Support for Bond | Letter

I believe we are at crucial time to make an important investment in the future for our students, school and community. As a teacher, coach, parent, homeowner and community member I favor and support the school bond.

Our facilities are between 25-70 years old and nearing their life expectancies. Things are degrading and starting to fail internally such as plumbing, heating, and lighting, and externally such as siding, doors, paint etc.  It does not make sense to keep patching old buildings and systems that have already met or exceeded their life span.

I believe now is the time for a whole-school renovation and upgrade that will last the next 30+ plus years. The advantages of doing this bond now … sub 3 percent low interest rate, over a million dollars in state grants, considerable energy savings on future utilities, utilizing water from roof catchment to irrigate grounds, and safer buildings and campus.

Voters must make a very important decision on April 23. The investment in our school and children comes with a cost and does require a sacrifice on the part of many people. Yes, if the bond passes, property owners will see their school tax increase, but the average Lopez homeowner will be paying slightly under what the average Washington state homeowners pay for their schools.

Please join me in supporting and voting yes to the Lopez Island School Bond.

Larry Berg

Lopez Island