Vote yes for school bond | Letter

I was a custodian and bus driver at Lopez school for 25 years. I retired over ten years ago. I worked in both buildings and experienced first hand the importance of having classrooms, restrooms and other school facilities up to date, easy to clean and maintain.  The toilets I cleaned are the same ones that are in the school today. The custodians and maintenance people work hard every day so kids have a clean and sanitary environment. Every morning sand, dirt and grit come in from the parking lot in the kids shoes and clean floors are soon gritty with a layer of dust and dirt. The first – fourth grade teachers were always concerned about health as the kids worked and played on the floor much of the day.

Paving parking lots, upgrading plumbing, replacing lockers, improving classrooms and athletic facilities are all essential for the well being of our students and to facilitate their learning. This will also save time and money over the long haul. As a bus driver I am very much aware that having a bus-loading zone that is not shared with parents picking up their kids is an important safety improvement. For these reasons and many more I will be voting yes for a safer, cleaner, updated campus to meet our kids total educational needs. Let’s show our children we care. Join me in voting yes.

Al Lorenzen

Lopez Island