Minney for council | Letter

Christine Minney has my vote.

We have four fine candidates to choose from in our county council races. All are decent, caring, competent candidates and we will be well-represented by whoever is elected. That said, I am voting for Christine Minney.

All other things being equal, it is important to vote women and other minorities into political office. This is the only way we will ever change the overwhelming straight white male domination of government. We need greater diversity. Local government is where ordinary people, those passionate about community and civic engagement, those not already bankrolled, have a chance to gain entry.

Three of the four candidates have never held elected office. All of them will have a learning curve. This is the nature of most first-time city and county council candidacies. And certainly, the immediate issues that will face the new council will be housing, balancing the budget, and the corona virus/public health. None of the candidates are experts in these areas, and yet if elected, they will make important decisions based on the information available to them through staff reports and public comment.

Not everyone reading this will relate to my stance on diversity. That’s okay. But if you have ever bemoaned the fact that so few women and other minorities are elected to public office, and you think this should change, it’s time to walk the talk.

Sandra Strehlou

San Juan Island