Invest in the future | Letter

We are so grateful that a number of young families have made the choice to join or stay in our community and raise their children here.  They are builders, farmers, Family Resource Center staff, store clerks, counselors, home care providers, bakers, small business owners, massage therapists, energy consultants, artists, deli workers, gardeners, adventure guides, LCCA staff, teachers, and fitness and yoga instructors, among others. We can think of no better way to say “Welcome” or “We support your choice” than to make our Lopez school a strong and vibrant learning environment for years to come.

Our committed and experienced School Board has made a huge investment in time and energy to research the needs of our school and to hire competent, practical professionals with extensive experience in school construction to assist them in creating a vision and possible plan for our school. In addition to a revitalized elementary, middle, and high school, the energy savings from the upgraded buildings should provide approximately $25,000 a year to go to important additional materials for the classrooms.

Yes, it takes a bite, but we can’t think of a better investment in our island’s future.  We plan to vote “Yes” on the Lopez School Bond. We hope you will join us.

Polly Ham & Steve Horn

Lopez Island