Help the Carfraes | Letter

We live in a society in which medical bills can swiftly become an overwhelming and unfair burden, but on such occasions we can also remind ourselves of the blessings of community, and derive renewing strength from community. Such an occasion is now at hand, as our friend Darryl Carfrae wrestles with cancer and his family wrestles with the dislocations, financial and otherwise, that the sidelining of a breadwinner brings with it.

Darryl and his wife Jennifer have sought the recourse of a community fundraiser, on the 12th at the Lopez Center, to help them. It promises to be a very energizing event. We will appreciate once again our need for one another and our ability to help neighbors in need. Add to that good music, good company and good food, and we have the recipe for a truly reaffirming experience. Come join us, and please give as your means allow. It’s an investment in a good man and a good family.

C.B. and Mona Hall

Lopez Island