San Juan County health consortium helps create online resource guide, increase immunizations

  • Sun Jul 22nd, 2018 1:30am
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Local health and social services are continually improving thanks to a group of local organizations and individuals who meet regularly to tackle health concerns across San Juan County.

The group is the San Juan County Community Health Initiatives Consortium and was formed in 2015 to address county-wide health needs identified by Community Health Needs Assessments. Conducted by PeaceHealth in 2014 and 2016, this process involved gathering input from community organizations and county residents.

Three areas of need were identified, and CHIC was tasked with pursuing goals through individual workgroups co-convened by PeaceHealth and San Juan County Health and Community Services.

Community resource guide

The recently launched, online San Juan County Community Resource Guide was developed to connect people seeking assistance with local resources in the community.

Services vary, and include health care, food, transportation, rent, utilities, interpretation and translation services, education, financial aid, clothing, rental assistance and more. To sign up or to use the guide, visit


The goal of this workgroup is to increase pediatric immunizations rates countywide. Efforts include working with providers, schools and the community on identifying strategies and policies to improve vaccination rates and achieve community immunity.

This group has also partnered with Peace Island Medical Center to hold immunization clinics.

Vulnerable populations

The goals of this group are to strengthen support for the marginal and frail, simplify social service and health delivery systems and establish more communication between island organizations.

Progress includes the addition of countywide coordination of services for people who have multiple needs, additional caregiver training, support for caregivers and patients across the county and creation of the local family resource center’s Island Neighbors program on San Juan Island, which offers help ranging from running errands and light yard work to social outings for frail or homebound community members.

Collaboration and cooperation are key to the success of these workgroups. If interested in being a part of this important work, contact To learn more about the county’s health ranking, visit and enter “San Juan County.”