Lopez woman convicted of assault in the third degree

  • Mon Nov 19th, 2018 4:30am
  • News

by Cali Bagby

Weekly editor

(Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this story, Jacobsen was incorrectly referred to as Johnson.)

Lisa Marie Jacobsen, 56, of Lopez, Island, was found guilty of assault in the third degree on Oct. 9 for a crime committed on Aug.10.

Jacobsen was ordered to pay $600 and serve two months of electronic home monitoring. She was also issued a no contact order for five years with the two victims as well as submitting to a substance abuse and mental health evaluation. According to court documents, the assault incident was part of a series of acts by Jacobsen to a couple who rented a home from her. On July 30, she blocked the couple’s driveway with her car until a member of the Sheriff’s Office ordered her to move it. On Aug. 10, court documents describe Jacobsen siting naked outside of the couple’s residence with a gun pointed at one of the victims, who asked her to leave as grandchildren were present. The documents go on to state that when a deputy arrived on the scene she was pointing a gun at the residence and that a round was in the chamber.

Jacobsen told the deputy that the “he kicked my dog and hurt him real bad.” She denied pointing the gun at anyone.

According to the responding deputy’s report, the incident with the firearm started when Jacobsen was found sunbathing nude near the residence. After the woman who lived at the residence told Jacobsen that her behavior was inappropriate due to the presence of children the sheriff’s office was called.

The woman then told the deputy that Jacobsen’s dog ran toward her and barked aggressively so she threw a Bic lighter at it. The woman said that is when Jacobsen retrieved her shotgun and proceeded to sunbath nude with the firearm. According to the deputy’s report, the couple claimed that Jacobsen stated that, “If you ever hurt my dog again, I will shoot you.” She then repeated the statement to the deputy on duty. According to court documents the defendant suffered from bi-polar disorder, which impaired her ability to “conform her conduct to the requirements of the law.”