Lopez public hospital district hires Orcas resident to be superintendent

  • Mon Dec 25th, 2017 1:30am
  • News

At its regular board meeting on Dec. 14, the Board of Commissioners of the San Juan County Public Hospital District no. 2, Lopez Island Hospital District, introduced a resolution to announce Anne Presson as their selection for superintendent.

“After an extensive search and thorough vetting process, the commissioners are thrilled to have someone with Anne’s background and enthusiasm serve in this role. It was important to select someone with the depth of experience necessary to tackle the challenges of the position, as well as someone who could work collaboratively with the board. We felt that Anne brings with her the experience, talent and energy we need to advance the mission of the Lopez Island Hospital District. In addition to her strong understanding of the healthcare environment, Anne spent most of her 25-year career advocating for improvements in access, affordability and quality of care and will bring that passion to the Lopez Island community,” said Board President Christa Campbell.

Anne has spent time in the islands over the past 15 years and her love of the community led her to move and become a full-time Orcas Island resident in 2015. She will begin working with interim Superintendent, Debra Wiggs, in early January and encourages the community to visit with her at the district office (262 Weeks Rd. Suite B) as she settles into her role.

“It is an honor to be given this opportunity and I look forward to partnering with the Board of Commissioners, UW Medicine and CWMA to uphold the Hospital District’s mission to ensure high-quality, island-appropriate, healthcare services to the Lopez community. I look forward to becoming an integral part of the community and helping to create a truly exceptional healthcare experience that serves as a model for other rural communities.”

The Superintendent is responsible for the efficient administration of all affairs of the District, and Anne will become the first Superintendent for the Lopez Island Hospital District pending completion of the formal Board process required by state law. In Washington, Public Hospital District regulations to appoint a new Superintendent require action at two consecutive regular Board meetings. Following last week’s resolution appointing Ms. Presson as the new Superintendent, the Board will take final action to adopt the resolution to hire Ms. Presson at its next regularly scheduled meeting on January 25, 2018.

More information about the district is available at www.lopezislandhd.org.