Lopez Island Lions Club Membership Drive

  • Tue Oct 30th, 2018 1:30am
  • News

The Lopez Island Lions Club has been serving the Lopez community since 1975 and provides many services helping make Lopez a great place to live. The Fourth of July parade and Fun Run are well-known Lion sponsored events. However, there are many more less prominent projects that assist Lopezians. Many of you are aware of the “White Cane Days” where Lions collect money for the visually impaired; but did you know that we provide financial assistance for eye examinations, recycle eye glasses for those in need and assist in vision and hearing screening checks for children?

Recently, Lions International, a worldwide service organization, has joined the fight against Type 2 diabetes which the CDC estimates affects about 40 million Americans. Lopez Lions are joining in by sponsoring diabetes awareness education, funding personalized free diabetic coaching and working with Lopez Village Pharmacy to provide free preliminary screening for diabetes in the near future.

Many of you have probably taken your children to Odlin Park in December to see Santa and the Christmas Ship. The ship, which is supported by the Lions, visits many islands in the San Juans and the Canadian Gulf Islands, spreading the spirit and joy of the season to our children. Other Lions are in the park passing out cookies and hot chocolate to the children making it a festive occasion.

You may have seen Lions outside the Village Market collecting food for the food bank; but did you know that the Lions provide funds for an emergency phone and life preservers at Hummel Lake? We also assist the Thrift Shop with trash removal and handling of materials for recycling. The Lions coordinate the blood drives and help fund the summer workshops for children through the Family Resource Center.

In order to continue these programs into the future, we need new members to replace our older members who have either moved off the island or have become less active due to health considerations.

The Lions is an organization for women and men who want to give back by serving the community. There are no secret handshakes or special rituals at the meetings, just a group of community-oriented individuals working together to help people that are less fortunate. If you would like to join or to know more about the club, visit our website,( http://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/lopezisland/), email us at lopezlionsclub@gmail.com, ask one of our members or join us for lunch at The Galley on the first Thursday of each month at noon.