Join the October trail trial

  • Tue Oct 2nd, 2018 2:31pm
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Submitted by Lopez Community Trails Network

You are invited to participate in a Trail Trial throughout this October. You will hike from the Village to the Ferry Terminal, off roads most of the time. The route is open to everyone, well marked and safe. It includes passing by the Winery and goes through Odlin South. Seven private property owners have graciously agreed to this trial.

Lopez Community Trails Network ( has put on a hike the entire length of Lopez Island (18 miles) over one or two days, called The Lopez Walkabout, each year for six years. Open only to members for logistical reasons in the past, we now offer the northern segment (5 miles) of that route to all for a month.

Since 2009, LCTN has promoted the idea that our island needs connections for non-motorized transportation including hiking, biking and riding. Our vision is supported by the County Council, whose six-year review of the use of Public Lands includes a map showing the trails corridors that trails could connect: The Village to the Ferry; the Village to the School; East and West shores to name a few.

Imagine you go out to a spot near your home where we have built a trail, and from there you can hike to anywhere on Lopez, safely, and off roads. In order to achieve this idealistic vision, we need experience and data. The Trail Trial is designed to provide this. We will monitor, count and interview participants during and after the event, hikers and property owners. We will learn the politics, practicalities and procedures necessary for the development of islandwide trails across public and private lands. We’ll go over the good and the bad, learning from our mistakes and capitalizing on our success. Participants are asked to share their experience of this event; there will be interviews, postcards to return and the website for comments. The endpoints are North end — Penny Lane, opposite the entrance to parking at the Ferry; South end, at the first curve in Fisherman Bay Road going north out of the Village. The route will be well signed, instructions are on the website (, no pets are allowed as there are animals roaming in some pastures through which you will pass. The fun began Oct. 1 and ends on Halloween. Happy Trails!