Presentation on physical balance and its benefits

  • Fri Oct 27th, 2017 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support

Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support’s community education series, “Living Long on Lopez,” will feature a special program on physical balance on Saturday, Nov. 4, 1:30 p.m. at Grace Hall. All are welcome.

Good physical balance is vital in preventing everyday injuries, in improving and maintaining everyday physical activities, and in supporting mental clarity as well as lessening anxiety. This presentation will offer a panel discussion and demonstrations of practical exercises to improve and maintain balance. While our sense of equilibrium tends to diminish with age, anyone at any stage of life can benefit from help with good body balance.

It is widely accepted that “fear of falling” and/or “fear of pain” can be as debilitating as the actual occurrence, and can lead to isolation and even depression. We also now know that balance is a learned skill that can be aided by simple regular exercises to improve body awareness. The “mind-body pathway” contains structural connections that can enhance or negatively influence physical function, overall health, and well-being. Recent research has validated the benefits of acupuncture, Tai Chi, yoga, therapeutic massage, chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy and strength training for increasing strength, flexibility, endurance and equilibrium.

Here on Lopez Island, we are fortunate to have multiple modalities available to enhance physical balance. The following practitioners will talk about aspects of their discipline that focus on improving and maintaining balance, answer questions, and provide suggestions for simple at-home or in-class exercises: Kim Foley (physical therapy); Nikyta Palmisani (Yoga); Susie Teague (neurological integration); Terry Marshall (Tai Chi); Heidi Strong (fitness balance training); and Gayle Isbell (chiropractic, neurofeedback, restorative exercises).

Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support’s community education series, “Living Long on Lopez,” was developed to inform our community about a variety of topics related to assisting residents and families who are dealing with an injury, illness, or loss. These programs offer opportunities for learning practical information and for obtaining answers to your questions from “people in the know.”

For more information on our “Living Long on Lopez” programs, please contact the Lopez Island Hospice and Home Support office, 468-4446,

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