Lopez School Talent Show

  • Mon Mar 19th, 2018 3:46pm
  • Life

What is this about an Lopez School Talent Show on Saturday, March 24, at 7 p.m.?

Depending on how long you have lived on Lopez, you may remember your friends and neighbors climbing out of anonymity with hilarious skits and other varieties of entertainment. Just imagine this: teachers impersonating middle school students, respectable grown men dancing to the “Washing Machine” or a 4-year-old bringing the house down with his jokes.

Beginning in the late ‘80s, the talent show venue has been used to raise money for opportunities for students at the Lopez School and has been generously supported by the entire Lopez community.

This year will be no exception. The Lopez InSTEP program, International Student Travel and Education Program, will be the host of the soon-to-be-revived Lopez School Talent Show. Lopez InSTEP is a nonprofit which raises funds to support teacher-led student travel programs at Lopez School. This winter, French Club students went to Quebec, and the Greece Club will go to Greece this spring. Next year, the Spanish Club will return to Nicaragua. Our community is unique in its support of our school, and the educational travel opportunities at our small school add to the richness of the lives of our students. These trips would not be possible without the hard work of our teachers as well as the ever-generous support of our Lopez community.

To participate in the Talent Show, contact Lisa Geddes at 360-468-3429 or Nancy Ewert 360-468-2682 to sign up before March 16. Bring your checkbook, because there will be cakes and compost this time!