Great Islands Clean-up success

  • Mon May 21st, 2018 9:45am
  • Life

Submitted by Kirman Taylor

The Great Islands Clean-up, spring edition, was an outstanding success. Lopez, San Juan and Orcas islands held their semi-annual Great Islands Clean-up for the spring on April 22. Lopezians collected over a ton of roadside and beach debris, which was then weighed and sorted. That’s over 30 pounds per mile of road. Lopez beat San Juan and Orcas islands for most trash collected. More than 800 pounds were recycled. And while we were officially second in number of participants, we had many who did not register who attended beaches and roadways throughout the island.

The fifth-graders earned hours of credit toward their trip to Islandwood Environmental Center. The Lopez Island Academy turned in lots of stuff too. Students worked mostly in the Village for safety. Church groups helped enormously. The Quakers had 20 members working beaches up north. Yet another church provided seven seniors. The Family Resource Center risked mud up to their ankles at Weeks Wetland.

This year burlap bags were used for collection because they can be reused and because they are not plastic. No effort was spared to do it right. Lopez Community Trails Network led the local organizing with help from BLM, the Land Bank and LSWDD.

Thanks to everyone who participated. See you in the fall.