Get into shape with CrossFit Lopez Island

A gym that began in a garage six years ago has grown to be the go-to location for high-intensity physical training on Lopez.

“Over the last five years it’s just blown up. We’ve been able to expand remodel, and now we’re running classes throughout the day,” said Robert Spreine, owner of CrossFit Lopez Island.

Spreine and some of his friends were training for a Tough Mudder half marathon obstacle race in 2012 and at the time, there wasn’t an established gym on Lopez. They worked out in Spreine’s garage and at the school and fire station.

A year later, a gym opened in the old Village Market building on Lopez Road, and Spreine began teaching a CrossFit class there once a week. When that gym closed, Spreine continued to rent a room to lead classes. In 2012, he opened his own gym in the same facility.

CrossFit is fitness program that combines several sports elements and types of exercise. Spreine said he enjoys CrossFit because the workout style easily ties into his love of martial arts. He says that instead of just running and not gaining muscle, Crossfit allows people to work every muscle.

“I was always looking online for different workouts for ideas and motivation … I couldn’t find anything to give me that feeling until I found CrossFit,” Spreine said. “It takes all modalities of workout and exercise. … It’s a different workout every single day.”

Spreine said the gym has brought life back to the village. CrossFit Lopez Island hosts multiple classes, including yoga and Taekwondo. He is looking to expand into youth gymnastics.

“It’s been amazing what it’s done to the community here. People’s lives are changing,” Spreine said. “I think the biggest thing I would like to get across is how impactful it’s been on people in the community. It’s completely empowered them and given them self-confidence.”

CrossFit is taught Monday through Saturday, with women only classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Adult and child Taekwondo classes are held throughout the week and an obstacle course training class is on Wednesdays.

For more information, visit or call 360-622-9330.