Eat the Invaders

  • Mon Apr 16th, 2018 9:46am
  • Life

by OUR Lopez, Organized for Utilizing (neglected) Resources,

co-sponsors Jack Tate and Russel Barsh (Kwiaht)

Whether Lopez secedes from the United States, complete with hand-to-hand combat in the food section of the ferry — or a giant earthquake flips our little island on top of Wenatchee — we need to take stock of what we have here on Lopez to meet our basic needs.

Even if we don’t live to see “The Big One,” there are plenty of less thrilling ways that Lopez could find itself disconnected from the mainland for days or months. A collision that puts the ferry dock out of business, for example. And there are economic hazards as well. Rising fuel prices. Rising everything prices.

How much should we rely upon those big trucks rolling off the Anacortes ferry every Monday morning? Let’s be honest. We’re not going to be manufacturing our own SUVs, smart phones and underpants on Lopez very soon. When it comes to food, however, we may be missing our big chance.

Yes, there’s more farming on Lopez today than there has been in 50 years. But that’s just part of the story. The fact is, we Lopezians have more food right here on this island than we know what to do with. It’s just sitting around and grinning at us.

Rabbits are eating the bark off of our trees and digging holes in our lawns. Canada geese are pooping-up our pastures. Deer are trimming our trees and poaching our broccoli and kale. Bullfrogs are gobbling up the salamanders and ducklings in our wetlands. Lopez has an over abundance of invasive animals, some native and some non native. They make a lot of us fume.

We have a solution: recipes. Some of our most troublesome animals on Lopez are also quite tasty. Why don’t we add them to our local cuisine?

OUR Lopez goal is a celebration in September, after summer visitors have gone back home (as they are not the invaders we wish to eat). The event will be at Vita’s, thanks to Bruce Botts’ generosity, and will aim for a cornucopia of culled invaders in various edible forms, as well as performances of theater and music to chew to.

There could be rabbit stews, goose sausages, frog leg bouillabaisse, smoked, jellied, warm and cold — with wine choices to match!

We are beginning to collect delicious suggestions (read: cookbook), as well as enlist creative chefs and harvesters. Give us a shout at We’re located at Skyhook Farm, 172 Wild Goose Chase Way, Lopez Island.