Coro’s Mechanical Repair opens

  • Mon May 7th, 2018 11:34am
  • Life

In the fall many Lopezians were sad to see Mike’s Auto Repair close, but fortunately a new auto shop has reopened at the same location and again provides a full array of services from oil change to engine rebuilding. With our modern communications and delivery services, parts and supplies are only a day away, and what might have meant a two-car ferry trip to a mainland shop in the past can be done on island in a timely fashion. The new business is located on Center Road, just north of Sunset Lumber and the fire substation.

The Coro’s Mechanical Repair owners are Jesus (Chucho) and Diego Coro. The two brothers have worked a variety of jobs since coming to Lopez years ago from Mexico, but always with the goal of opening their own auto mechanics shop to apply the skills they learned growing up. Diego and Chucho grew up working in their father’s auto mechanics shop in Acapulco. From the time they could walk, fixing motors and all the other jobs a repair shop does, was their world. By the time they struck out on their own, they had more experience than mechanics twice their age.

The following is opinion, not fact:

The brothers can fix almost anything, and if they can’t they will tell you. Auto mechanics shop like theirs are always watching for things that may need attention, things that you as a driver or an oil change worker could miss. The best mechanics have a natural connection with how things work and brains like computers that store and access every vehicle they have ever worked on, recalling symptoms and what was repaired. That’s the Coro brothers. Why go off island when you don’t need to? Coro’s Mechanical Repair is open for business.