Vote yes for hospital district | Letter

But, of course, I am supporting and voting for a Public Health District on Lopez. I like knowing I have 24-hour medical assistance.

As a senior citizen, I think if the medical clinic had to shorten their hours or even close, many of us would have to leave the island. Lopez is a great fit for me and I hope to be able to live here for many more years. Our Medical Clinic is fabulous and is staffed by a well qualified, caring staff. We need the clinic.

Our friends and relatives have all taken advantage of the clinic. Bee stings, bike accidents and kidney stones are only a few examples why our kin and friends have ended up at the clinic. Who knows what the result would have been without the clinic? Thank you, Lopez Medical Clinic.

I urge you to support and vote for the formation of our Public Hospital District.

Barb Fulton

Lopez Island