Vote Paul Henriksen for Port Commissioner | Letters

We are writing in support of Paul Henriksen for Port Commissioner. Three qualities are often used when describing him: capable, generous and acting with integrity. He has shown his capable nature in successfully managing and running Camp Norwester, his generous spirit with countless volunteer hours in both official capacities sitting on various boards and in good deeds done for neighbors and friends, and his integrity as a person whom fellow islanders have grown to trust over the years.

Paul exhibits the can-do, creative thinking that reflects our island character. His 38 years on Lopez allow him to walk in many circles and listen to many voices, without bringing any special interest to the table. He understands the value to the community of a well run and maintained airport, which serves general and commercial aviation as well as medical and emergency flights.

We support Paul’s vision of maintaining a quality airport to serve our island’s needs, in addition to looking for opportunities to increase maritime access.

Please join us in voting for Paul Henriksen for Port Commissioner.

Eugene and Renee Van De Putte, Faith Van De Putte and David Bill

Lopez Island