Vote in favor of the dump | Letter

We the undersigned, urge all voters to support our beloved dump for another year by voting for the Levy on this November’s ballot.

The Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District is a smooth running operation with many facets that make us proud that we took control of the operation. The past years have proven us right. With the help of volunteers, donors and a small levy LSWDD can thrive and provide us with their valuable services.

Do your part and vote to support the dump.

Kirm and Lexi Taylor; Florence Wagner; Tom McDaniel; Mary Sather; Nancy Wallace; Rich and Nina Gartland; Dave Sather; Barbara and David Thomas; Callie North; Kathy Booth; Kate Scott; Lorrie Harrison; Gretchen Wing; Meg and Dennis Ryan; Barbara and John Nason; Doug Poole; Nancy Bingham; Crystal Rovente; Scott Pinegar; Chris Aiken; Rich Youde; Mary Wondra; Christine and Tim Kerlin; Matt Hummel; Sheila Metcalf; Janet Crossen; Barbara Gurley; John and Carol Whetten; Dale Roundy; Diana Sheridan; David Williams; Liz Scranton; Ann Palmer; Spud and Karen Grimes; Chom and Chris Greacen; Rosie Sumner; Meg Partridge; Scott Rozenbaum; Michael Karp; Theresa Chemnick; Charlie Janeway; Mollie Bill; Tim Clark; Barbara Carver; Chris Coiley; Marcia Barthelow; Carolyn McGowan; Suzanne Berry; Clarissa Szabados-Mish; Raiti Waerness; Thomas Von Bahr; Joyce Brinar; Carol Steckler; Al Lorenzen; Bruce and Mindy Richardson; Terri Drahn; Cathy Doherty; and Kreg Trani.