Vote Greacen for school board | Letters

Over the last eight years that we have lived full-time on Lopez, we have gotten to know and respect Chris Greacen and his family for the pivotal roles that they play in our island life.

Chris is a thoughtful, conscientious and kind person who has spent many hours volunteering his time in our community. These qualities along with being a good listener and a creative thinker are what will make him an effective team player on the school board.

In addition, as a successful graduate of the Lopez school system as well as a parent of students currently attending, he is in a unique position to understand and weigh in on the issues and challenges facing our school.

We are lucky to have someone of his caliber willing to devote time and energy to this extremely important position and we urge you to elect him to the Lopez school board.

Scott and Ande Finley

Lopez Island