Vote for Watson | Letter

I am voting for Bill Watson for County Council. Why? Because he is the one candidate that I have confidence in to prioritize addressing our most important needs in San Juan County. He will be fair when dealing with land use issues, without sacrificing that which is most precious to us – our beautiful environment. If we lose that, one compromise at a time, we have lost it forever.

Bill is also focused on our most pressing community need – the lack of affordable housing. He will put words into real action so that our county government will finally be leading us to to find solutions. As Councilor, Bill will be keen to encourage creative and innovative ways to stimulate the growth of a more balanced local economy. I trust Bill to be fair, even-handed and transparent in his work as County Councilor, and, yet, not shy away from making tough decisions when needed. I am enthusiastically casting my vote for Bill Watson for County Council, District 1.

Ian Van Gelder