Vote for Bailey | Letters

I strongly believe that Larry Bailey ( is the most qualified candidate to replace Dan Post on the Lopez Port Commission. Larry is a 42 year Lopez property owner and a full-time resident since 2010. He is an attorney/business owner of 40+ years, with many years of experience working with the Port of Seattle. He knows and understands government agencies and how they work – financially and administratively. He recognizes that ports are chartered by the state to do more than maintain an airport and can be engines of economic development. He wants to expand the Port’s activities to include job training, facilities for small agricultural businesses, and perhaps financial assistance with construction of affordable housing. He has thoroughly investigated the Port’s finances and is adamant that these goals can be met with no increases in property taxes. He has researched the successful activities of other Ports around the state that face similar challenges and can apply their experiences to the unique Lopez situation.

Larry has a long-term vision for economic development for the Lopez community for the next decade – to help provide new full-time jobs and affordable housing, especially for young persons and families who desire to live on Lopez. It is easy to talk about issues and possible solutions, but implementing them is a different matter. Larry has been making major business decisions his entire career and has a solid record of making the right choice at the right time to get things done. He can make the port a better agency that serves the entire Lopez community, starting on day one.

Gene Helfman

Lopez Island