Thornton for School Board | Letter

Joe Thornton is running for Lopez Island School Board in the upcoming election and I believe he would provide the expertise and leadership that the School Board needs. I am a retired physician and have known Joe for 18 years. I was chairman of the Board of Directors for Hospice and Home Care of Snohomish County when Joe was chosen to be Chief Financial Officer. He served 10 years in that capacity. My wife, Peggy, and I have a home on Lopez Island and frequently visit Joe and his wife Judy, so we know them well.

Joe is a gentleman with a high level of integrity and concern about the health and welfare of his community. I know he cares deeply that the Lopez Island Schools become the best that they can be and that your children receive a quality education.

When Joe became the CFO for Hospice and Home Care the agency was having significant financial and management challenges. I personally observed his knowledge and experience in financial management, his common sense analysis of problems and his leadership skills that helped the agency move forward in a positive manner. Joe worked very well cooperatively with the Board of Directors, administration and employees and was highly respected by them.  During his 10 years with Hospice and Home Care Joe help guide the agency financially through 2 major mergers. At one point there were Executive Director difficulties and the agency was in some disarray, with low morale. Joe’s leadership ability and character were recognized by the Board of Directors and was appointed interim director by them. Thanks in large part to Joe’s efforts the agency was quickly back on course again.

Joe has served well the communities in which he has lived over the years and is eager to do so again. Lopez Island will benefit greatly from having him on their school board and I encourage you to elect him.

Arthur J. Gerdes MD

Lopez Island