Thank you for a magical evening | Letter

This is a belated but heart-felt thank you for all the support and positive thoughts and prayers to Darryl Carfrae and the Janeway family.  Darryl continues to make progress in a positive direction.

The April 12 event was a huge help financially and, just as importantly, underscored community and the power of coming together in celebration of life.

The evening was truly magical.  Darryl’s Cancer Recovery Fund is making it possible for him to get a “cancer vaccine” soon, which we hope will be a major part of him coming into remission and a long life.  Many of you have seen him driving now!  And we no longer have a hospital bed in the living room!

The love and help of Lopezians and friends is making it possible. We have a bright vision of what is possible and feel the affirmation of positive outcome for Darryl and for us all.  May all be blessed with health, well-being, and a life of love and fullness.  Thank you!

Darryl, Jennifer, Sterling, and the Janeway family

Lopez Island