Supports Kalb for Congress

I’m responding to state Sen. Kevin Ranker’s column “Tough decisions in state’s economic hard times.”

I’m sure Sen. Ranker has had to make very tough decisions. Many in our state have been devastated by the economic crisis caused by the banking industry.

We have a serious problem in our country with deregulation. Foxes guarding the henhouse is the quality of representation we’re getting in D.C.

It doesn’t help that our country is mired in expensive ongoing wars and that many of our jobs have been shipped overseas to maximize corporate profits. Our country is being sold out from under us, and both major political parties are responsible.

We must end corporate domination of our elections. Then our representatives would have incentive to represent our best interests over the interests of corporations that profit from wars and outsourcing jobs. We need publicly funded elections.

Our U.S. representative, Rick Larsen, a former lobbyist, too often favors corporate interests over the needs of the people in our district. He doesn’t lead, nor does he project a vision for a future that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

He does not promote jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency which we desperately need. (The one reference I found on his Web site is buried, vague and not specific to our district.) He has said nothing about the Supreme Court decision giving corporations unlimited influence over our elections.

That’s why I’m supporting Larry Kalb for Congress, a Progressive Democrat whose platform emphasizes people over profits. Larry will be at the San Juan Island Library on Feb. 20 from noon to 2 p.m.

I encourage people to meet Larry, share concerns and ask questions. If we can get real representation in Congress, we have a real hope of restoring a healthy economy.

Sharon Abreu