Supporting Steve Adams | Letter

I am supporting Steve Adams for Port of Lopez Commissioner. Why? In these negative political times Steve stands out as a positive person whose vision, leadership, integrity, honesty and dedication to the citizens of Lopez Island are an asset.

Steve Adams has always been a person of positive influence in the community and advocates and lives the premise that the way to represent us is through openness.

Steve is a person who dedicated 20 years as a Lopez Island Volunteer Firefighter, EMT and officer, teacher of our Lopezian students, served on the Board of Fire Commissioners for Lopez Island and continues to work for our benefit as a Port Commissioner.

Steve is a person who has worked tirelessly to running a vital link to our community by keeping the airfield infrastructure well maintained, safe and available 24 hours a day. Emergency patients are transported safely to the mainland day and night. Many patients with life threatening injuries and illness have safely arrived on the mainland because of our airfield’s stellar maintenance. Steve’s leadership on our Port Commission was and is a driving force to keep our airfield functioning, safe and meeting or exceeding aviation standards to continue in this life saving work.

Steve Adams is the kind of person we want in government representing us. I urge you to retain Steve Adams as a Port of Lopez Commissioner. He works for us and I’m voting for Steve.

Jim Ghiglione

Fire Chief