Support for Helding | Letter

I attended the Candidates Night on Lopez Island last evening and how interesting it was. John Helding displayed a wonderful breadth of experience and knowledge about Lopez School.

His career experience in management, education, and finance has combined with his passion for the job to produce a very effective, involved school board president. He has made positive change in our school’s administration and encouraged the improvement in school programs to better teach kids what they need to know.

Though Joe Thornton is a good man and has great financial credentials, his concern and expertise seems to be focused only on the school bond issue. The voters have spoken on the bond, saying it was too expensive. I have confidence that the school board will develop a less expensive alternative. The best of all choices for me would be to keep John Helding as school board president and bring Joe Thornton on to the finance advisory committee where his experience could best be utilized.

Let’s keep John Helding on the school board where he can continue the great work he has been doing.

Karen Gilbert

Lopez Island